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The Enigma Affiliate Program pays affiliates for sending customers who subscribe.

Become a Enigma Strategy Affiliate Today

Get the opportunity to earn by referring customers! Do you have significant personal networks? A high-traffic website? Perhaps you’re a talented online marketer? Whatever your strengths, we can work with you to develop a suitable and robust affiliate Program and remuneration scheme.

Benefits of joining our Affiliate Programme:
The Enigma Affiliate Program works with marketing agents around the world providing a simple, clear and rewarding revenue stream.

“When you take into consideration our lengthy 60 day cookie window and up to £20 new subscriber commissions, our affiliate offering makes for one of the easiest marketing assets”.

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Our affiliate portal has been expertly built and comes with marketing materials, Banners, Unique tracking links, payments portal, payments balance paid instantly, receive notifications when payments are made from your network on a cost per acquisition (CPA) per sale.

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earn more than £50,000 per year.

The Enigma Affiliate Program pays affiliates for sending customers who subscribe.

1. Create your account

Create an affiliate account in a few easy steps. The Enigma Affiliate Program is built on Impact Radius, a powerful and analytic-rich affiliate platform. New to Impact Radius? No worries, you can join here.

2. Link to Elements

It's simple. Link to any page on Enigma Strategy and earn. To make it easy for you, we have text snippets, banners, an email template, and a massive list of article topics to quickly help you get up and running.

3. Send Traffic

Send traffic by updating old articles, adding our banners to your site, creating new content, using social media, or sending out a newsletter. We're also willing to jump on a call if you need help or new ideas.

4. Earn Money

Earn £50 for every new annual subscriber you send and £10 for every monthly subscriber (£5 per month for 3 months). Earn even if the subscriber is an existing Enigma Strategy customer!

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