Unique proprietary analytics platform built by traders for traders. This all encompassing platform has many unique features not available anywhere else in the marketplace. Our platform aggregates systems which identifies many trading signals and provides a comprehensive analysis behind all trading signals. The platform has features and tools which complement most novice and experienced traders. 


Technical Analysis

We provide a simple solution across the complex methods within Technical Analysis. Our analysts produce significant price levels that market participants should be made aware of using tried and tested Technical Analysis techniques and methodologies. Potential trade entry & exit points to improve your risk management strategy are produced by our fully qualified team. 

Live Charts & Key Levels

Includes Forex Charts, Daily Pivot points, percentage change since the start of the day, current week, month and year for the Forex pair selected. It also includes key highs and lows for the respective Forex pair which includes the current year, month, week highs and lows with a datestamp. 

Trading Signals & Pattern Recognition

The XABCD Fibonacci Patterns section shows the latest harmonic patterns found in the Forex market in real-time. The four types identified are Gartley, Butterfly, Bat and Crab patterns. The time periods are 1-hour and 4-hour.

Latest Candlestick patterns found in the Forex market are displayed on a report for 6-hour and 24-hour timeframes in real-time. Includes dozens of the most popular candlestick patterns in the Forex market.

Economic Calendar

An Economic Calendar is also included within the portal and shows upcoming data releases and events concerning the Forex market.

Forex Analysis

Includes analysis on 24 currency pairs that can be selected from the dropdown menu. Each currency pair has two options “Intraday Analysis” and “Short-term Analysis”.

“Intraday Analysis” on all currency pairs are refreshed every 6 hours – it uses Pivot Points, MACD, RSI to produce support and resistance levels with entry, stop & target. “Short-Term” analysis on all currency pairs is refreshed every 24 hours, again using proprietary analysis to create these support & resistance levels with commentary and an interactive chart.In times of low volatility, no signal is generated so sometimes analysis could look stale; however, we are continuously monitoring Forex markets to generate the most accurate analysis and ideas. The Forex chart is continuously been updated so check the timestamp to see how this particular currency pair has performed.

Live Forex Rates

Quotes board with bid/ask, net change & percentage change from the Open (2200 GMT). Click on the currency pair icon and a Forex chart for that currency pair with key levels and pivots will open.

Fully responsive on all mobile phones and tablets, your clients can stay in touch with live pricing whether at a desk or on the move.

News Feed

Users can select and add their preferred RSS news feeds by adding RSS links into the “Add Feed” section. Users can add more than one feed. The RSS feeds are colour-coded which can be toggled between or deleted. User can also select the All Feed button to see all the feeds at the same time.

Sentiment Alerts

Twitter-Alerts section accompanies Forex analysis page and searches for all related posts on Twitter for the currency pair analysis selected. For Example, if EURUSD is selected, the Twitter alerts will show all EURUSD related Twitter post added recently.

Market Information

The portal includes Movements v Major Currencies, High/Low Alerts, Daily Pivots, Daily Summary, WTD, MTD & YTD Change % Summary plus Key Market Highs and Lows.

Market Profile Pro

The tried and tested intraday charting technique created by J. Peter Steidlmayer and used by market professionals to continually evaluate value during the trading day. This is included on the portal with full historical datasets, giving Point of Control and Value Areas as standard specifically for the FX markets.